Why did we set up The Uneasy Shuffling of Feet?

All forms of political art need championing. This is especially true in the UK following:

1) Funding cuts to the arts at the national and local government level.

2) The wilful erosion of creative subjects from the school curriculum.

3) The hostile environment (particularly online) that artists face when speaking publicly about a political issue.

“Art gets underneath the surface and reveals what is true; it is a Geiger counter for truth.” Pat B. Allen

Our Mission Statement:

The Uneasy Shuffling of Feet is a hub where art (in all its guises) meets politics. A home for those who express their political voice through their art. A place where people can find amazing work and be inspired.

Here are our key areas of focus:
Music | Dance | Theatre | Film | Photography | Design | Art | Literature

As a wide range of creative people respond to the reality around them now is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder and firmly angle the spotlight on to their work and its importance for society.

Inspiration can be found and hope can be nurtured.

Be curious. Go explore. Share ideas.

No real change ever happened from someone painting a picture, singing a song or writing a poem! Art doesn’t change anything.

If art exerts such little influence on society then why is it that historically so many governments and regimes have imprisoned, tortured and killed those that create it? If art is such a redundant force for change then why have so many works been destroyed, banned and censored over the centuries?

The arts are the kaleidoscope through which the political landscape can be most keenly observed and challenged.