Following a sell-out run at the 2017 London International Mime Festival, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe, Theatre Re presents a powerful, explosive and joyous piece about what is left when memory is gone.

Awareness about mental health issues is at last becoming mainstream and these issues are beginning to be discussed and represented in a non-judgemental way. Mental health after all is something that concerns us all, is affected by everything we do day to day and the things that creep in slowly over years of being a human, of living life, of abuse done by ourselves, by others. Perhaps it’s the things that happen once, that turn us about or traumatise us that leave us spinning, changing at the core. The mind remembers and so does the body, this concept is beautifully interwoven in Theatre Re’s The nature of forgetting.

What is left when memory is gone? What do we share?

Tom’s reflections as he gets dressed on his 55th birthday suggest and explore a lifetime from the cradle to this point today where he grapples with frustration but also delight at the fragmented scenes of his lifetime. A tapestry of live music, theatre and mime as tragic as it is uplifting.

The show was developed in collaboration with UCL Neuroscience Professor Kate Jeffery.

“Research on memory and amnesia formed the basis and foundation of our explorations. We also interviewed older members of the community as well as people living with dementia to create links between the science and the real human experience”

Established in 2009 Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking and moving work. Its shows examine fragile human conditions in a compelling, physical style embracing mime, theatre and live music, and are often described as magical, poetic and tender as well as disturbing and haunting. The name of the company comes from the prefix ‘re’. It is the ‘re’ of re-discovering and re-imagining, breathing new life into what already exists.

The nature of Forgetting is touring the UK this summer starting with a week at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Find out more about Theatre Re here:

Touring dates for The Nature of Forgetting in 2018:

LONDON – Shoreditch Town Hall – 24 to 28 Apr

BEDFORD – The Quarry Theatre – 1 May

BRACKNELL – South Hill Park – 3 May

NORWICH – Norwich Playhouse – 9 May

WORTHING – Connaught Theatre – 10 to 11 May

CANTERBURY – Gulbenkian – 17 May

LANCASTER – The Dukes – 19 May

LLANELI – The ffwrnes – 27 May

BELFAST – Mac Live – 31 May to 3 June

HEREFORD – The Courtyard – 6 June

BRISTOL – Tobacco Factory Theatrers

SALFORD QUAYS – The Lowry – 12 & 13 June

DIDCOT – The Cornerstone Arts Centre – 15 June


Josephine is the Co-founder/director of a CIC called Anyone Everyone, they facilitate creative groups where people can connect, explore and share their experiences. Their main objectives are to support emotional wellbeing, de-stigmatise mental health and to create networks of professional services that can work together to give better mental health to everyone.

Josephine works as an administrator for Music 4 Children, is a freelance technician and runs a life drawing class on Thursdays. She is also currently Relighter and CSM for Theatre Re’s Nature of Forgetting.